All The Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

It is often said that actions speak louder than words. Yet, that is not always the truth when it comes to a person’s life that is romantic. You lover expects you express the same in words and also to show them your care and sweet side. By telling your lover “I love you” one of the most common methods for expressing such emotions is. Nonetheless, occasionally, your words should go past these three words. In reality, the words “I adore you” have now been used by many to declare their love to the extent to become a platitude.

Because it’ll bring the two of you closer Verbalizing your feelings in a romantic relationship is among the most important things. It also adds to the closeness in the relationship. It may also be as profound as how your life changed entirely or as ordinary as looking into your lovers eyes every day.

Are your lines a bit rusty and you are looking for something sweet to say to your girlfriend? Here are 80 cunning things to say to your own girlfriend.

cute things to say to your girlfriend

80 Adorable Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. It was going great until I run out of stars.

2. I sent an angel to look over you as you slept yesterday.

3. Life without you is not purposeful.

4. I could conquer the world with a single hand as long as you are holding the other.

5. God must happen to be showing off when you were created by him.

6. You deserve the world, but since I cannot give that to you, I will give you.

7. I could hold you forever.

8. I tell you I love you so much because you never know, a day might come and one of us would end up in the hospital, and I need the last feeling you feel is of me loving you.

9. Are you a dictionary?

10. Infant you’re a thief because you stole my heart.

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11. Did it hurt when God removed your wings and sent you to earth?

12. I will love you F.O.R.E.V.E but no R because it’d function as end of forever.

13. If love were a cup of coffee, our love would be a mocha latte – filled up with pep and sweet, hot.

14. I long for you just as much as a drowning man longs for air. It would kill me to have just a little to you.

15. Love is not all we need, it really is the only thing there is.

16. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.

17. Babe, like my parents always say, and you are my dream girl, never quit on your dreams.

18. I ‘d rather be than in heaven without you.

19. I will love you until departure, and then some.

20. I brought you this flower in order that it’d see what true beauty is.

21. I went to the hospital and got a x ray, does one know what they found? The doctor said my heart will always be wonderful with you in it.

22. I wish life had a pause button. I ‘d pause every minute we spend together.

23. I place a tear in the day and the ocean you find it is the day I am going to stop loving you.

24. If I were to die now, I’d not be unhappy because I got to spend time with you.

25. You’re all I have ever desired in a Girlfriend.

26. You happen to be the best thing that has ever happened if you ask me.

27. I would like to grow old with you.

28. You’ve a sweet grin, sweeter than (insert the sweetest thing you’ll be able to think of).

29. Your love is what keeps me going every day.

30. We’re a match made in heaven.

31. You still make my heart skip a beat even after we have spent together.

32. Even when we’re old and gray, I ‘ll be holding your hands in our rocking chairs.

33. You even look beautiful when asleep.

34. I simply want to see that amazing face every morning eternally.

35. Listen to your heart; I would like to fill those gaps between each beat.

36. My life is not so much worse, and I owe all of it to you.

37. I can certain picture us together eternally, although I may not be a photographer.

38. Because you are the answer to my prayers you must be spiritual.

39. You must be a camera because every time I look at you I merely smile.

40. I believed that well-being started with an H, but I see that it begins with U.

41. There will be another, although you are the only girl I love right now. She’s going to be calling you “mommy”.

42. Once I first met you, I could have sworn we had a class together, more particularly chemistry.

43. I’d possess a galaxy, if I had a star for every minute you crossed my mind.

44. I like a nerd without braces, shoes without laces, and a sentence without spaces is without you.

45. Your eyes are as blue as the ocean, and I’m lost at sea.

46. Are you really a magician?

47. I began looking for a touch because all masterpieces have one after I first laid my eyes on you.

48. I couldn’t help but give you my heart, although I usually do not donate organs.

49. If I ‘d a rose though I had of you, I would have a garden that had no end.

50. While I start reflecting on my life and grow old, I’d think of the day you gave birth to my children, the day we wed and the day I met you.

51. I play baseball, and it seems like I hit homerun when you became mine.

52. Today I saw the most beautiful bloom, and it reminded me of you.

53. You must be an expert thief because you stole my heart without even recognizing it.

54. While I close my eyes, I see nothing.

55. There is something in your eye. Never mind, it’s merely a sparkle.

56. Do not eat that cupcake. You’re already sweet enough.

57. Because your look is only magically delightful did you take lucky charms for breakfast!

58. The angels must be shouting for losing certainly one of their own.

59. I did not now that angels were allowed to walk on earth.

60. Could I borrow your cell phone?

61. If I could take the alphabet and re arrange it, U and I would be collectively.

62. Then I never desire to be appropriate, if loving you is incorrect.

63. You must be tired because you really have been running through my mind all day long.

64. Your parents must be bakers because you sure are a cutie pie.

65. I want us to commit the perfect crime: I steal your heart like you’ve stolen mine.

66. If you had been a tropical fruits, I wager you’d be a great-apple.

67. I ‘m thinking of you and the only thing I would like to tell you is that I adore you.

68. I’ve attempted, but it is now official that I cannot cease thinking about you.

69. You happen to be the only reason why I smile even on the dreariest of days.

70. Eagerly waiting for you. Come back soon.

71. You make my life worth fighting for.

72. My love for you is endless.

73. To you, I ‘m likely only one man but to me, you happen to be the world.

74. I don’t know what I ‘d do if I lost you.

75. Can it be hot in here or could it be just you?

76. My knees are killing me since I fall for you every day.

77. Is there something wrong with my eyes? Because I ‘m looking at an angel.

78. Someone call the cops! Because it must be illegal for one girl to appear that good.

79. You remind me of a magnet-constantly pulling your way to m.

80. There must be a rainbow someplace here since I seem to have located the treasure.