How to tell if Girl likes You (5 Signs)

Long looks from the other end of the room are just one way women try and inform you that you are liked by them. In fact, it is a very rare one. The full truth lies elsewhere.

Women are subtle beings. While most guys think of flirting as something that has to be done through direct speech, girls have developed a more subtle method of communicating. This one is to encrypted that it practically qualifies as a language that is secret. Actually, guys showing females and interest showing interest are two entirely different things that have very little in common.



Her Body is Turning Towards You

This one goes without saying. Any girl that turns her total body front is interested in you.

What she’s doing is perform the notion of “opening up” through her body – as if women were natural expressive dancers! ’ situation was closed by a woman making the turn to an open one where she is facing the stranger that was unknown, you, is opening up for you. She wants one to approach and speak to her. That is the only reason she’s opening herself up.

If the girl pictured turned her right

Shoulder backwards and faced you complete front then it actually doesn’t get any more clear. If she’s grinning after she’s turned bonus points.


2 | She’s Playing With Her Hair

Attempting to fix her hair or playing, aka grooming that is instant, is a sure sign she is interested in you.

Why would an unimposing gesture like twirling her hair stand for amorous attraction? It’s evident that she could never fix her hair “instantly”. How could she? By twirling it around her finger? Hopeless.

Because instant grooming is a biological reflex in girls. There really isn’t any rocket science to it. Attempting when an interesting guy begins talking to her will to bring her hair in order

Yield no results. Yet women get it done. The motivation behind it? She’s just attempting to make herself look more appealing for you. And as she’s can’t whip out her brush her fingers take over the job. What from the outside might appear – that is playful or girly or even insecure – is actually a natural reaction. She’s striving to make you like her, to lure you in. There’s no coincidence or meaninglessness in female behavior towards men.


3 | She Is Licking Her Lips

Men licking their lips can mean two things:

(2) Aggression.

(1) Desire or

Alternative (2) is often going along with heavily squinted eyes and pulling your lower lip in.

Desire is, however, only referred to by girls licking their lips. It means nothing else and heavy, unfiltered want. Women licking on their lips is some type of self that is “ -kissing” as they can’t kiss that other pair of lips yet.

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4 | She’s Walking Past – Repeatedly

Or in front of a bulletin board. Then some girl walks by. You find her as she passes by. Nothing particular. Fast forward 5 minutes and you’re standing at the same spot.

Fast forward the exact same woman and another 5 minutes is walking past you again. She may accomplish that at a walking rate that is different or she may be coming from an alternate direction. But it is still exactly the same girl walking past you twice, and for no real reason in any respect.

A Déjà–vu? Would any girl willingly

Without saying a word walk past you twice? The reply is simple: as a way to increase the odds for you to approach her she is remaining in your perimeter. As a girl she won’t approach. She hope you will step up and approach her. And she’s making it extremely easy for you. Questions like “are you lost?“, “do you need something?” will do the trick here. She passed you the ball, now pick it up and “ get the round into the square”, like it would be put by Uwe Seeler. You may be surprised to see how excited she will be to engage in a dialog.

With the present scenario, 99,9% of men are unable to read the writing on the wall. Most of them do get to the Déjà-Vu phase. What they believe is that there’s something wrong with that girl. That she should “ get a map”. Or that she is an attention seeker. A focus seeker she’s – but for your romantic interest, and never to strengthen her ego.


5 | She Does Not Mind Closeness

Unless we know them really well, anybody crossing that distance is an intruder.

A girl who does not mind you getting that close lets the ‘intrusion’ happen willingly. Again, there’s no coinsidence in girls. She’d simply move away if she would mind that you are getting that close to her,. So doesn’t she mind the breach of her margin? Because she’s attracted to you personally.

Naturally, there are scenarios where folks “intrude” each others spaces without motive that is amorous.

Lifts or waiting in line are good examples. Because she enjoys you but if a girl doesn’t mind you getting close to her intentionally or even from clumsiness then it is.