The Very Hard Would You Rather Questions

A party or conversation game, “Would You Rather presents an inventory of questions starting with “ would you preferably”. It’s possible for you to pick between two good choices like “Would you rather have it can be two poor options like “, or the power of invisibility or flight” Would you rather sleep with your lover’s best friend or your best friend’s lover?” Afterwards the players, which sometimes include the questions being asked by the person, have to pick what their response will be. You’re not permitted to answer “both” or “neither”. This will lead the players and their justifications to debate.

Everyone loves a good game of Would You Rather. It can be difficult, nevertheless, when it includes gadgets and the social media that we don’t need to live without, or at least we think so. There isn’t any right answer to the “would you rather” questions you are able to see if you’re in agreement together or not and how others answer.

55 Interesting Would You Rather Questions Worth a Try:

would you rather questions

Below are 15 of the most challenging would you rather questions:

Would you rather use eye drops made from vinegar or toilet paper?
Would you be without knees or be without elbows?
Would you have a bell sound every time you are aroused or experience a sharp pain in your side?
Would you rather have a big 10 inch long belly button that rocked to music or have accordions for legs?
Would you rather need to sneeze but not have something put in your eye for a whole year or have the ability to?
Would you have a dragon or be a dragon?
Would you have everyone think you’d sex with a goat despite the fact that you didn’t or rather covertly have sex with a goat?
Would you rather have hair nowhere on your own body or be really hairy all over and not have the capacity to shave?
Would you rather never be able to talk again or consistently need to say exactly what is on your own head?
Would you rather have the capacity to read or have the ability to read heads (but be illiterate)?
Would you rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world or be the best on the planet at something of your choosing?
Would you rather be in prison for five years in solitary confinement or not ever go to prison instead of ever become rich?
Would you rather change the past or be able to see into the future?


Couples like to play with some Would You Rather:

Would you rather swallow or spit?
Would you rather be on top or on the bottom?
Would you prefer to have someone watching you have sex or see someone having sex?
Would you have sex each morning or at night?
Would you bring someone else in bed or cheat on me?
Would you have sex with the lights off or with the lights on?
Would you rather receive oral sex or give it?
Would you rather have romantic sex or try out some kinky sex ideas that are new?
Would you rather stop a first date with sex or with a fervent kiss?
Would you wear every day, a pushup bra all day long, every day or stiletto heels all day long?
Would you rather be told to quit being so sensitive every day if you are PMSing, or be asked?
Would you rather get a rash from a poor bikini wax job or have an entire eyebrow accidentally waxed off?
Would you go through a whole day with an extremely visible panty line or with lipstick on your teeth?
Would you rather have your gynecologist use a speculum that is too large or a speculum that’s cold?
Would you have an extremely bad hair day or rather go through a whole day with your bra’s underwire poking you?
Would you rather be able to pick your bridesmaid dress or never need certainly to be a bridesmaid again?
Would you never have painful cramps or never must shave again?
Would you rather get your period on a date or at the seashore?